Do you find yourself feeling depressed and anxious? 
Are you having panic attacks, experience intense inner conflict or get unbearably angry? 
Allow me to guide you to understanding and change. With 30 years experience as a therapist using a variety of skills combined for your unique circumstances my motto for each session is:
“You won’t leave here today in the same way you arrived. 
There will be a shift in your thinking!”
Dr Cecile Gericke is a renowned South African Educational Psychologist who has been consulted in the media on matters ranging from bullying to clinical benefits of hypnotherapy. Over 30 years of experience and success in private practice has made her a sought-after figure in the world of life coaching and mental health.

Dr Cecile Gericke holds the very rare qualification of a Diplomat in hypnotherapy, the equivalent of a doctorate in psychotherapy, which is the highest possible qualification in hypnotherapy available.

Due to her never-ending search for knowledge her list of qualifications is astounding. As a result of her individualized approach and extensive skill set as a psychologist and life coach Dr. Cecile comes highly recommended by private clients and many organizations.

Some of her main focus points are depression and anxiety,  panic attacks,  conflict and anger management, combat and civil PTSD,  phobias, couples therapy and workshops for couples, as well as growth therapy and integration of the mind and body. Empowerment of people is her main aim and passion , which is one of the reasons she is a favoured guest on television and radio programs and is frequently quoted in the press.

Dr Cecile Gericke has published several books and has free CD’s available.

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 is a qualified Educ. Psychologist and Life Coach  in private practice based in Douglasdale. She has over 30 years of experience using over 19 different modalities