Dr Cecile Gericke photoDr Cecile Gericke (D.educ) is a qualified Educational Psychologist in private practice based in Douglasdale.  She has over 30 years of experience using over 19 different modalities.   She received her training in hypnosis from Dr Woltemade Hartman and others  like Watkins, Phillips and Fredericks.

Dr Gericke’s main focus is depression and anxiety,  panic attacks,  conflict and anger management, combat and civil PTSD,  phobias, couples therapy and workshops for couples, as well as growth therapy and integration of the mind and body.

Dr Cecile Gericke recently stepped down from her Presidential role of 6 years at the South African Society of Clinical Hypnosis (SASCH) and from her Counsel role of 6 years at Psychological Society of South Africa (PsySSA), and has also now stopped lecturing.  These decisions were made so that she can concentrate fully on her private practice clients thus offering more flexible appointments and quality time to them.

Her aim and passion is to empower people. She is a favoured guest on television and radio programmes and is frequently quoted in the press.

Dr Cecile Gericke has published several books and has 5 CD’s available.

Dr Cecile in detail:

Dr. Gericke’s angle of approach combines her scientific psychological background and the client’s uniqueness to develop a personalized approach.  Each session is tailor-made to suit the individual needs of the client, combining one or more of the 20 plus modalities she is trained in, to specifically address their unique challenges or setbacks.

She is a specialised practitioner in Hypnotherapy, Ego State therapy, Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, to name but a few.

Dr Gericke is comfortable in using Cognitive Behaviour therapy (CPT), Hypnotherapy and all aspects of Energy Psychology.  She also focuses on mind-body connections, Somatic Experiences and reversed chronic pain.

As a practitioner who agrees with the World Health Organisation (W.H.O.) that mental health is one of the leading illnesses people are facing worldwide today, Dr Gericke maintains that depression, anxiety and panic attacks not only lead to a sense of hopelessness but also manifest in physical illnesses.  According to Dr Gericke: “The mind, body and spirit function as one and when a setback occurs in one of these levels it manifests as an illness on another level.”  In

“The mind, body and spirit function as one and when a setback occurs in one of these levels it manifests as an illness on another level.”

 In recognising the unity of the self, Dr Gericke aims to guide clients towards creating a tangible change and living by it.

She acknowledges that anxiety and depression stem from multiple levels and need to be treated according to the level from which it presents.  Hereditary and situational depression must therefore be addressed differently.

Cecile extensively with energy psychology, which takes on many forms; from inner life skills to mind-body connectivity, to give a brief idea. The body manifests experienced turmoil in the spirit. An obstruction in the mind can therefore contribute to or be the cause of physical illness, which may need to be tracked on different levels so as not to ignore the physical body, but to investigate for the deeper cause in the mind. In many cases regression may be necessary to determine the original incident or the precipitating incident that has led to the physical symptoms.

This multi-dimensional practitioner prides herself in transparency, taking care to inform the client of what they are embarking on and conducting client feedback, to allow the client to be the lead-character in their own healing process. By using her own authentic self as a living example she encourages clients to discover and nurture their own authentic self.  Research shows that less than 5% of people live according to their authentic self. What is an authentic self you may wonder? This is the original core of your being, the person you were born to be, the one the Inca people call “a higher spirit”, or a “soul that lays deep within you”.

In essence, it is the truest manifestation of YOU on all levels. Many people will spend their entire lives denying or fighting against their authentic self.  Dr Gericke will gladly assist you in unlocking your potential and not being one of those people.

Dr Gericke is available for consultations or workshops (couples, corporate and parents). She is bilingual in Afrikaans and English and can conduct sessions or workshops in either of these languages.

Dr Gericke is running a dual practice of therapy and coaching.


Doctorate Educational Psychology (RAU)
Master’s Educational (RAU)
B. Ed (RAU)
BA (Unisa)
DS speech & drama
Practitioner in NLP
Diploma (Clinical Hypnosis)
Phase III Ego State Therapy Ericksonian Hypnotherapy
Phase III Clinical Hypnosis
Marriage Counselling
Therapeutic Psychology
Certificate of Accreditation in Hypnotherapy
Advanced Level Training in Integrative Hypnotherapy
Post-Master’s Certificate – Adult Development and Models of Person
Post-Master’s Certificate – Adult Neuropsychology
Post-Master’s Certificate – Adult Psychopathology, Salutogenesis and Deconstruction
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Somatic Experiencing Part 1 (SE)
Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (CBT)
Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
Emotional Freedom Techniques Level 1 (EFT)
Emotional Freedom Techniques Level 2 (EFT)


Before starting her practice Dr Gericke was a senior lecturer at a prominent university. She also worked as an organisational behavioural consultant.

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Die Emosionele Ontwikkeling En Groei Van Die Vrou
Breek Deur Jou Glas Plafon
Dance On Your Glass Ceiling


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Breek Deur Jou Glas Plafon published in 2004
Dance On Your Glass Ceiling, published in March 2006
Louita, published in 2008


Dr Cecile Gericke was the President of the South Africa Society of Clinical Hypnosis (SASCH) for 6  years.

SASCH has excellent trainers and presenters and it is definitely worthwhile for psychologists to join SASCH to acquire these beneficial training skills.

Dr Cecile Gericke was on the counsel of the Psychological Society of South Africa (PsySSA) for 6 years.

The counsel works for better rights for psychologists and helps psychologists to function at their highest possible potential.www.psyssa.com

Dr Cecile Gericke lectured at the South African College of Psychology (SACAP) for 3.5 years.  Her main expertise were Counselling Skills and Life Span Development.  SACAP is a small private university that only accommodate psychology and coaching people.  Everybody gets individual attention as no class has more than 20 delegates.