"The session was informative and I have gained a lot." "I received more information." "It was a great session and we need to attend the full course." "Impressed, thank you!" "It was very interesting and helpful." "Good presentation especially on techniques." "Thank you for a wonderful informative and insightful seminar!" "Excellent!"
Workshop Feedback
"Excellent presentation that fits all professional groups." "Very interesting and valuable." "I really enjoyed this seminar….it holds such promise for me. Very relevant." "Session very interesting and I would like to know more." "The presentation was informative and exciting."
EFT Workshop Feedback
“What a wonderful experience at the hands of the best, Dr Cecile.  No longer does my son suffer anxiety, clammy hands, muddled thoughts when faced with exams or tests.  Calmness has replaced these – he has a sense of self belief and it has impacted on every facet of his life _ how lucky are we that we found Dr Cecile – thank you so much”
Trish Williams
"You have been such an inspiration to us and it was such a privilege having you as our educator. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experiences with us, it will leave an echo in my life" 
Annie (Student)
"Die goeie nuus is dat my kompulsie iets van die verlede is. Ek het so lank gewag om te laat weet want ek wou dood seker maak dis nie net tydelik is nie. Vir my is dit fenomenaal dat ek vir meer as drie dekades 'n slaaf daarvan was en in 'n paar terapie sessies  daarvan verlos kon word. Daarvoor sal ek jou ewig dankbaar wees !"
Quinton Anonymous
"Dr Gericke's unique approach of " What happened to you" rather than " What is wrong with you" has proved that I am in the best capable hands in the medical world. She focuses on what happened to me instead of telling me what is wrong with me, this shows she truly cares about my way forward"
Leon Botha
" I was trapped in a land of turmoil, nightmares and a endless struggle to reenter the world, Dr Gericke pulled me from the brink of despair teaching me I can live life once again"
Chris Oosthuizen
"Dr Gericke has changed my outlook on life, I never thought I would be able to learn the handling of life after Iraq. Dr Gericke showed me there is hope"
Dean Capazorio