Hypnotherapy Overcoming Stress & Anxiety Life Coaching PTSD – Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Career Counselling
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Dr Cecile Gericke holds the very rare qualification of a Diplomat in hypnotherapy, the equivalent of a doctorate in psychotherapy, which is the highest possible qualification in hypnotherapy available. Anxiety and Depression stem from multiple levels and need to be treated according to the level at which it presents. Hereditary and situational depression must, therefore, be addressed differently. As an experienced life coach she has coached a variety of people in major companies such as Old Mutual, Investec, From Micro to Macro Skills and Standard Bank. This process of coaching occurred in groups or on an individual level. Since the 90’s I've worked especially with policeman and soldiers returning from the army to help and guide them with readjusting to civil society outside the structure of policing and the army. What happens after Matric? As a teacher and headmistress Dr Cecile realised the need for scientific guidance! She performs career aptitude tests and can assist with learning styles and coping skills. This guidance is also offered to adults.
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